App of the day: Flight Finder review (iPhone)

Until someone invents teleportation, or Elon Musk works out how to build those fancy pneumatic tubes he's decided will be the future of global travel, we're stuck using planes. Although it's not really aircraft that are the problem, it's airports. These are places that are as ...

App of the day: City Cat review (iPhone)

The never-ending dash through New York, Paris and Moscow that is City Cat feels like an explosion of Sonic the Hedgehog meets Nyan Cat in a parallel Jetpack Joyride world. Colourful, engaging and tricky to stay in play during the later stages, City Cat has ...

News Republic 3.0 launching on iOS with custom news channels

News Republic, known for its global news aggregation app, is launching version 3.0 with several new features on 26 February. Beyond the user-interface enhancements, version 3.0 of News Republic will give users the ability to build their own news channels, custom tailored to what they want to see ...
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