The Galaxy S 4 is launching soon on Sprint, so you might think the carrier would stop putting effort into last year’s Galaxy S III. Sprint is actually putting more effort into the phone by announcing a new color option for the Galaxy S III.

Sprint today announced that it will soon offer the Samsung Galaxy S III in Amethyst Purple. The new hue brings a fresh color option to the Galaxy S III, previously available only in blue and white, and stands out in a crowd. The phone will cost $99 when purchased on a two-year agreement and will officially go on sale beginning today. Anyone who opens up a new line or eligible upgrade can get the phone for $99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. New customers who port their number to Sprint can use their port-in credit to get a Galaxy S III for free.

The purple Galaxy S III was on display at last night’s Digital Experience showcase. Sprint also showed off the Samsung Galaxy S 4, which was fitting because customers will have to make a decision between the two phones shortly. Why buy a phone that’s a year old when you can get something newer and more powerful? Well, because the lower price and new color option might sway some people. Here’s a look at the Galaxy S III showcasing the new color option that, combined with the lower price, may be enough to make someone settle for a Galaxy S III.

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By Andrew Kameka