The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is packed with so many features that most people don’t even realize that the Android 4.2 device has so much to offer. While the Galaxy S 4, like the Galaxy S III before it, has been accused of having gimmicky software that’s fun to show and doesn’t offer real value, it’s still one of the best Android phones. Here are five Galaxy S 4 tips to improve the experience that you may not have noticed. Seasoned veterans may be aware of these tips, but others may benefit from these small adjustments.

Two finger-swipe down to see all settings.

Rather than swipe horizontally to get to a specific setting option, take a shortcut and put all of the Quick Toggles to see them at once. Instead of swiping with one finger, swipe down with two fingers and all of the main settings will be visible.

Hide Multi Window icon with the back button

Multi Window its an intriguing feature because it lets users run two apps at once, but the on-screen indicator to access Multi window can get on your nerves. To minimize the annoyance, hold down on the back button until the indicator goes off-screen. Multi Window will still be active, so holding down the back button once more will make the control bar reappear.

Disable S Voice and make the Home button faster.

In my Galaxy S 4 review, I complained about a strange lag or extra bit of force necessary to get the Home button to respond. AndroidCentral points out a handy tip that will make the Home button faster if you disable S Voice, something many people have no use for because Google Now is supported on the S 4. Follow these steps and your home button should be noticeably faster.

1. Double-tap the Home button to launch S Voice

2. Press Menu to go to Settings

3. Uncheck “Open from home key”

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Enable all Air View and Air Gesture features

Air View and Air Gesture use sensors in the Galaxy S 4 to provide previews and shortcuts without touching the device. However, Air View may not work by default if all of the features have not been manually enabled.

1. Go to Settings > My device and tap Air View (do not tap the On/Off button, touch the left side of the screen instead.)

2. Enable all of the Air View options that appeal to you by tapping the On/Off button. Tap the left side of each option to see how to set it up.

3. Go to Settings > My device > Motion and gestures and tap Air Gestures (again, touch the left side of the screen, not the On/Off button)

4. Enable all of the Air Gestures settings and tap the left side of each for a preview of how it works.

Change the lock screen title

With all due respect to Samsung, I need a phone, not a “Life companion” as the lock screen says. If that annoys you, here’s how to change the “Life companion” text on the Galaxy S 4.

1. Turn on the phone and press the lock screen, then drag down your finger.

2. Tap the icon that appears and begin changing the text, color, and font to suit your tastes.

By Andrew Kameka