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    Review – Amzer Shellster ShellCase for the HTC 8X

    The Amzer Shellster ShellCase isn't a stranger to Windows Phones. We took a look at the Amzer ShellCase for the Nokia Lumia 900 and found it to be a nice shell/holster combo.  The Shellster recently landed in the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store for the HTC 8X and we recently took it out for a test drive to see how things translated to the HTC 8X. The ShellCase is a two piece case that has a half-shell that wraps around the HTC 8X ...

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    Impossible to get lost with a smartphone? We’re not out of the woods yet

    22 October 2013

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    El Pinguino Run – a fast paced, avocado saving Windows Phone 8 game

    22 October 2013

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    Nokia Lumia 925 Review: The best Windows Phone available?

    21 October 2013


Kantar: Android dominates EU, WP closes gap to iOS

According to market reasearch company Kantar Worldpanel, Android is the dominating force in the top five European countries accounting for well over 70% of the market. The UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are not the only countries where the Google platform extended its market ...

iOS 7 introduces revamped Siri & Control Center

Siri has had a major overhaul with the latest version of iOS, as Apple continues to improve a voice commands app that was once infamous for its lack of comprehension and steadfast refusal to do what it was told. The revamped Siri now uses more ...

Motorola goes patriotic with its first Moto X ad

After announcing that it will build it in the United States, Motorola continued the patriotic theme in promoting the upcoming Moto X smartphone. The Google-owned company chose to release its first ad for the upcoming device right before the 4th of July. The Motorola ad (click ...

Verizon HTC One now official, launching this summer

Verizon Wireless today has finally confirmed that it will offer the HTC One. Though Verizon was absent from the list of supported carriers when AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all promised to deliver the HTC One on its launch date, Verizon held back on its announcement ...

HTC One Glamour Red pictures and hands-on

How do you make the hottest phone hotter? You paint it red, that's how. Today we got our hands on the HTC One in 'Glamour Red', one of several special coloured editions that we told you would be coming. In the UK, the red HTC One ...