Motorola has been silent for quite a while – the most action we’ve had on that front is leaks of the Moto X phone. Now we get another leak about the Droid Ultra phone (which may or may not be the X) straight from Motorola’s own site.

“THINK THIN” is the tagline of the phone, which will be available in “a bunch of glossy colors” and feature a Kevlar body. We’ve seen Moto do thin phones with Kevlar and the results were pretty awesome, so the Ultra sounds good.

The page has a full specs sheet, but unfortunately it seems like the specs are for the wrong phone, the Motorola RAZR M (itself a thin, Kevlar-backed phone, but available only in black, white and purple).

The phone will clearly run Android (it’s Droid Ultra), but beyond that it’s hard to tell. “Ultra” is a flagship name though, so we expect only the best from Google-owned Motorola. In May we saw a Snapdragon 600-based Motorola X run some benchmarks and there might be some connection between the two leaks. Only time will tell, we guess.

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By Gsmarena Staff