Samsung, HTC, Sony, and even Huawei have all announced and released their flagship smartphones for 2013, and while LG has put the Optimus G Pro on sale in several countries – including America – it hasn’t had wide enough distribution to challenge the Galaxy Note 2 and all its pals for supremacy. Instead, it looks like LG has been reconsidering its smartphone strategy, and is now about to release its true 2013 flagship Android smartphone.

Before we begin, there’s the issue of the device’s official name. The invitation certainly does suggest it’ll be called the G2, and we’d heard LG was about to drop the Optimus name from its high-end Android phones. Will it be replaced with something else, or is this exciting-sounding phone simply going to be called the LG G2? We’ll find out soon. Whether it’s called the LG Optimus G2 or the LG G2, here’s everything you need to know about it.


LG August 7 InviteAugust 7 Unveiling: LG has scheduled an event for August 7 in New York. When it first announced the event, it didn’t bother with much promotion. However, today it has begun circulating invitations. They show a glossy material with the words, “Great 2 Have You,” written over the top, with the letter G and number 2 both emphasized in a larger font. Thanks to LG’s less-than-subtle hint, we take it the G2 will be introduced on the day.

Teaser trailer: Accompanying the invitation is a teaser trailer, entitled To Me, You Are Perfect. From G. Set in New York, our Chuck Taylor-wearing protagonist wanders around the city, and is continually bombarded by the titular phrase. It’s scrawled on buildings, written on Post-It notes, and even suspended from balloons. It’s a message that could have been relayed in 30 seconds, but the promo video runs for more then three times that, and is otherwise devoid of information.

Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor: So, we’ve got a good idea the LG G2 will be revealed on August 7, but what about the phone’s features? LG and Qualcomm sent out a press release in June saying the successor to the original LG Optimus would be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor with LTE connectivity. At the time we hadn’t seen any hardware using the monster quad-core chip, but since then the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has been announced, along with the LTE-Advanced version of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.


Flexible, shatterproof screen: That’s about it for the facts about the LG G2, now on to some juicy rumors. The phone itself has been discussed for some time, and the most enduring rumor concerning its specification is the presence of a flexible screen. Now, this won’t mean the LG G2 will be a flexible phone, just that the screen could be made from a flexible material, and therefore very difficult to scratch or break.

LG has said it’s working on a 5-inch flexible display, and has even shown off a working example at a trade show, while in April the company’s president promised to introduce a phone with a flexible OLED screen before the end of the year. A comment from LG’s head of mobile in Europe has also claimed the LG G2 will have a unique feature to make it standout, making it easy to put the two pieces of surprisingly official information together. That said, another LG executive said a flexible screen-equipped phone wouldn’t be out this year, dampening the fires slightly on this particular rumor.

LG G2 Leak RearPower and Volume on the back: Pouring further water over the chances of a flexible display are the various leaks of the device itself, especially as it has given us a glimpse of something which could also be described as a different and unique feature. These pictures show an LG phone with the volume and power keys not on the side and the top of the phone’s body shell, but top-center on the rear of the phone, sharing space with the camera lens.

5-inch 1080p screen: By shifting some of the controls from the edge of the phone, LG may have been able to not only make the phone very slim, but also make the screen’s bezel very small. The screen is said to be somewhere between the 5-inch and 5.5-inch size, with a 1080p resolution.

13-megapixel camera: Another rumor suggests the LG G2’s camera will be impressive, with a 13-megapixel count and optical image stabilization technology. The promo video does feature several people using regular cameras, suggesting LG will be making a big deal over the camera’s capabilities on the G2.

3GB of RAM, LTE Advanced: Joining the Snapdragon 800 processor could be as much as 3GB of RAM, or at least on a version of the LG G2 headed for the SK Telecom network in South Korea, where it could connect to its LTE-Advanced network. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 had to be fitted with the Snapdragon 800 chip before it was released there, so LG may want to beat its rival in another area.

Leaked video: An LG smartphone with the model number LG-D803 has been leaked on video, where it’s claimed to be the G2. It gives us a better look at the phone’s design and the rear-mounted volume and sleep/wake key.

Putting it all together

So, if the reports all turn out to be correct, the LG G2 will have a 5-inch-plus 1080p shatterproof screen, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with up to 3GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera with OIS software, rear mounted controls, and a super slim chassis. We’re expecting the phone to launch around October, and when it does arrive, LG will be releasing the phone in more markets than usual, including the often ignored UK, which still hasn’t seen the Optimus G Pro. 

By Andy Boxall