Some of the iOS platform’s finest games are up for grabs for free today, as part of a giveaway that’s thought to mark the fifth anniversary of the App Store.

Heading the field of freebies is the graphically gorgeous Infinity Blade 2, which marries ostensibly simple Fruit Ninja-style slashing with RPG game mechanics.

Nestling just behind that is the cutesy Tiny Wings, which will appeal to fans of casual games in the style of Angry Birds. But it’s also a million times more appealing and much, much less over-exposed than Rovio’s heavily marketed avenging avians.

Infinity Blade 2 screenshot

Fans of more esoteric gaming pleasures, meanwhile, can pick up the side-scrolling action-adventure Badland. Similarly culty is the none-more-1970s Superbad: Sword & Sorcery EP that we love for its prog-meets-Folktronica soundtrack and Psygnonis-inspired look and feel.

Apple has yet to announce why it has made some of its best-selling apps free, although the Verge, which first noticed the blanket price cuts, posits that it’s surely something to do with the App Store’s birthday on July 10th.

That’s an impression corroborated by the fact that the tech giant last week sent journos a poster that outlined a timeline of the App Store’s greatest achievements, including hitting one billion downloads in 2009 and reaching 50 billion in May.

Tiny Wings iPhone banner

Whatever the reason for the celebration, for once at least you’d be well advised not to look what’s very cleary a gift-horse in the mouth.

Other titles know to be included in the promo include Where’s my Water, which is free, as well as Barefoot World Atlas, Day One, Over, and Traktor DJ for iPad all of which are available for a reduced price. It’s highly likely that other games and apps have also been reduced, though. So if you espy any, let us know in the comments section below.

By Jonathan Leggett