Yet more signs emerged today that fresh Apple gadgets will be along in September, lending more weight to rumours doing the rounds on tech sites.

According to Taiwanese tipsters cited by DigiTimes, Apple’s manufacturing partner Pegatron is set to begin shipping a low-cost iPhone in August, alongside a second edition of the iPad mini.

This tallies with previous reports forecasting a one-two punch of the iPhone 5S, which is deemed likely to come in a range of colour options, and iPad mini 2 landing on shop shelves in September.

The report also corroborates ongoing chatter among industry watchers that the full size iPad and iPhone 6 won’t drop until next year.

Assuming a report from Reuters is correct, the iPhone 6 could take the form of a phablet, with Apple purported to be investigating display sizes ranging from 4.7-inches to 5.7-inches.

The tech giant unveiled the fresh, ‘flatter’ operating system that powers its next generation of gadget gew-gaws earlier this month. For a quick look at what it offers, check out our round-up.



By Jonathan Leggett