Apple’s latest major iteration of the iOS operating system will allow users to control their iDevices using their head movements alone, a newly unearthed accessibility setting reveals.

Discovered by an anonymous tipster and the demonstrated by the hard-working types at 9to5Mac (see below), the feature, called ‘Switch Source’ allows users to simply tilt their heads left or right to return to the home screen, activate Siri, open the Notifications Centre, increase and decrease volume and even open apps.

iOS 7 Switch Control settings screenshot

When enabled, Switch Control cycles a rectangular box over items displayed on the screen, such as app icons, which can be accessed by moving your head to the direction you’ve picked.

The feature is somewhat similar in nature to the Smart Scroll feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which lets users to scroll web pages and emails by tilting the handset or your head vertically. However, Apple’s take is clearly geared towards those who may be unable to use two hands, especially for a larger device like an iPad.

In addition to Switch Control, iOS 7 is also set to add smile and blink detection when taking photos, which were recently uncovered in new APIs for the platform.

It also brings a completely revamped user interface rocking a cleaner, flatter look, along with enhancements to Siri and a new feature called Control Centre that gives quick access to useful settings toggles from any screen you’re on.

iOS 7 is expected to make its official debut with the new iPhone – unofficially dubbed the iPhone 5S – this autumn and will also be available to download for the iPhone 4/4S, iPad (3rd generation and up), iPad mini and the 5th generation iPod touch.

Stay tuned for more iPhone and iOS 7 news and announcements in the coming weeks.



By Dew Alam