Photos and a video have surfaced online purportedly showing a case for the iPhone 5S, aka the ‘low-cost iPhone’, giving Apple apostles what may be vital clues as to what the tech giant has in store for us.

Manufactured by MGM Corp of Japan, the case features a design with curved edges that recalls the more rounded form factor of the superannuated, but still rather lovely-looking, iPhone 3GS. That suggests that Apple could be going back to the future for its plastic budget phone contender.

And in a blow for the slimmer-equals-better fraternity, the case, which was picked up on by Japanese blog Makotara, is also two millimetres thicker than equivalent accessories for the iPhone 5.

Naturally the case also makes provisions for a rear-facing camera, a mute switch and volume buttons. Although, it’s fair to say that it’d be much more surprising if these fixtures and fittings weren’t present.

Apple is expected to bring its cheap iPhone to market in September, possibly alongside a revamped full-price smartphone and perhaps even an iPad mini 2.

Rumoured for years in tech-press circles, the cheaper iPhone is ostensibly is set to sell for around £200-£250 on pay as you go and is aimed principally at emerging markets where affordable Android phones currently dominate.


Apple Insider

By Jonathan Leggett