Images showing the guts of what is purported to be the next iPhone have cropped up online, in the latest in a spate of leaks around the handset.

Brought to us by Mac Rumors, the snaps show the handset with the shell removed, complete with a number of parts that have leaked on other sites in recent weeks.

iphone 5s interior

These include a new logic board, which is identical to one mooted to be on board earlier this month. Close inspection also indicates there’s a dual LED flash for the camera too, once again chiming with rumours that have been doing the rounds.

However, that’s not to say that there aren’t a host of reasons to doubt the photos’ credibility. Not the least the fact that, as Mac Rumors points out, the processor appears to have been manufactured in late 2012.

Considering the iPhone 5S / iPhone 6, or whatever it ends up being called, isn’t reportedly due until September that suggests Apple has started the production cycle ridiculously early. Or that we shouldn’t read too much into what we’re looking at here.

iphone 5s rear leak

A snap showing the rear of the phone from the same source, meanwhile, corroborates chatter that the forthcoming iPhone’s design won’t be much changed from the iPhone 5. Given Apple’s time-honoured steadfast adherence to its design principles, that’s something we definitely can believe.


Mac Rumors

By Jonathan Leggett