With the exception of an official press event in Cupertino, few things signify the impending arrival of a new iPhone more vividly than reports that Apple’s manufacturing partners are ramping up staff numbers.

So this morning’s news that Foxconn is recruiting new staff should serve as due notice to would-be buyers that the much rumoured smartphone is now just a matter of months from its big reveal. And double as a warning to anyone thinking of buying the current model that they might want to hold off for a few months.

According to China Business News, the company is looking to recruit assembly line workers for its plant in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and is about to start mass production of the next iPhone, which looks likely to be called the ‘iPhone 5S’ or ‘iPhone 6’.

It’s thought that Apple will drop its next smartphone contender in September. This will would tally with previous iPhone production cycles, in which manufacturing starts between two to three months ahead of its debut.


September may also see the arrival of time-honoured tech-site trope, the low-cost iPhone. This is reputed to feature a plastic shell in place of the premium construction of the standard iPhone and recycle parts from earlier models to keep costs down.

Also incoming that month, it seems, is the iPad 5 in what would be an unprecedented Q3 flurry of activity for the gadget-maker.



By Jonathan Leggett