Smartphone fans holding out for a major design rethink for the next iPhone are likely to be disappointed, it seems, after tell-tale photos of parts for the handset leaked online.

Sourced by FanaticFone, spot-the-difference-style images show a display assembly for the iPhone 5 and the next Apple smartphone side-by-side. And it’s probably fair to say that only especially keen-eyed tech sorts will be able to discern any real difference.

iphone 5s display assembly

The panel certainly seems unchanged on the size front, seemingly casting doubt on claims that a phablet could be a part of Apple’s product pipeline for 2013.

It’s also notable that the plug for the antenna, holes for the camera and chassis anchor points are in the same positions as last time around. In fact, the only change we’ve clocked is the flex cable, which looks to have been substituted for a new part.

Apple is expected to showcase the phone variously dubbed the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in September, when it may or may not be accompanied by a low-cost model aimed at developing markets where Android currently rules the roost.


Fanatic Phone

By Jonathan Leggett