In the last few weeks, we’ve been inundated with iEnthusiasts dreaming up their ‘what-if?’ visions of the next iPhone. But a reimaging with a flexible screen of the sort that rival Samsung is known to be seriously investigating was not among them. Until now.

In the wake of some outré creations from Rav Avni, Federico Ciccares has created an iPhone concept featuring a curved – we’re assuming it’s flexible – display that, in theory least, can be bent and squeezed into shape without breaking.

Ciccares’ fresh look at the handset also features a fingerprint scanner, which doubles as the traditional home button. A staple of the iPhone rumour mill, this feature is intended to raise security levels for smartphones.

iphone concept curved

So what are the odds or these kind of features becoming reality? Well, isn’t out of the question for Apple to bring fingerprint technology to market in an iPhone in the near future, especially as PassBook becomes more and more integral to people’s lives.

But you could colour us amazed if Apple opt for anything as radical – and some would say ‘gimmicky’ – as a flexible display for the iPhone 5S/iPhone 6. Or indeed any iPhone, if we’re completely honest.

Still, we’ll find out exactly what’s in store for us soon enough. Next month sees the official unveiling of the iOS 7 software that will power the next iPhone, whatever it ends up being called. And the iPhone itself is expected to land in September.



By Jonathan Leggett