The Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was trounced by the iPhone 5 in the crucial post-launch period, a number cruncher claims, adding heft to claims that the phone has underperformed in the light of Samsung’s vast marketing spend.

ISI analyst Brian Marshall calculates that the iPhone 5 hit 20 million sales in around 25 days. That’s less than half the time that it took the Galaxy S4 to reach the same landmark.

Samsung Galaxy S4 white official (front, back and sides)

Marshall calculates that Samsung shipped 333,00 S4 kits daily after the phone debuted, compared with the whopping 800,000 iPhone 5 units making their way out of Chinese factories after Apple’s latest went on sale.

The S4’s ostensibly underwhelming showing at the tills comes despite an advertising budget estimated to be in the region of $150 million and which dwarfs its Android rivals.

JK Shin head of Samsung Mobiles

Earlier this month, Samsung CEO JK Shin rebuffed claims that its flagship phone had failed to score with consumers after a series of financial analysts and investment banks downgraded sales expectations.

JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley were among 17 major financial institutions that trimmed their estimates for the Galaxy S4’s sales by up to a quarter, contributing to the Samsung’s market value diving by almost $20 billion.


Apple Insider

By Jonathan Leggett