More signs that the iPad 5 will cop some of the iPad mini’s best moves emerged today, as the lines between the products appear set to become increasingly blurred.

A video posted by Vietnamese site shows what’s purported to be a case for the next-gen full-size iPad alongside the current-gen iPad. Assuming what we’re looking at is the real deal, the clip suggests that the iPad 5 will be slimmer than the model in shops right now, but that its height is unchanged.

It’s thought that some of the space savings will come from adopting an iPad mini-style smaller bezel around the screen, meaning that Apple can slim down its flagship tablet without downsizing the device’s display.

Separate leaks from earlier this year indicate that other changes are afoot in the screen department too. Not least with Apple’s adoption of a new, more robust form of Gorilla Glass and more efficient display tech that means the screens use 90 per cent less power.

Latest indications from Apple’s supply chain suggest that the iPad 5 will land in September, possibly alongside a new iPhone. Or if we’re really lucky, iPhones. The iOS software that will power the tablet, meanwhile, will make its debut next month at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference event.


Apple Insider

By Jonathan Leggett