Projected release-date information about the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 has surfaced online, as Apple’s product pipeline looks to be getting increasingly busy from hereon in.

According to Taiwanese mobile-industry news site DigiTimes, the refreshed full-size Apple tablet is set to go into production in July and will debut on shop shelves not long after.

The junior edition of Apple’s slate will apparently land at some time between September and November, so will be up for grabs in time to capitalise on the booming Christmas tablet market.

The decision to leave a sizable gap between the tablets’ due dates seems to mark a concerted attempt to avoid a repeat of last year when it was thought that releasing the iPad mini and iPad 4 at the same stage of the year impacted negatively on sales of the full-size slate.

News of Apple’s plans for its slate range come amid speculation that September could see the unveiling of the new iPhone, along with a low cost model.

Industry-watchers have posited that the so-called iWatch peripheral may debut towards the end of the year too.



By Jonathan Leggett