Siri has had a major overhaul with the latest version of iOS, as Apple continues to improve a voice commands app that was once infamous for its lack of comprehension and steadfast refusal to do what it was told.

The revamped Siri now uses more sources to help find answers to your queries, harvests information from Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter. New, more lifelike male and female voices that feel less like you’re talking with a cyborg are in evidence too.

ios 7 siri

And there’s more. A cleaner interface has been introduced, which includes a Google Now-style card-based system, and there’s now the option to use voice commands to change phone settings, such as turning on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The World Wide Developers’ Conference event also saw what many see as the long-overdue introduction of Control Centre.

This enables users to access and toggle key settings, such as wireless and music playback, easily by simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

The feature also includes shortcuts to their phone/tablet’s built-in timer, camera, and calculator apps and adds a rethought torch app.

By Jonathan Leggett