Apple has officially taken the wraps off the newest edition of its iOS operating system, debuting a redesigned Safari browser and its long-rumoured music streaming service.

At its WWDC keynote last night, the Cupertino-based giant gave us our first peek at the new Safari browser for iOS 7, which features an near full screen interface with a completely plain, white background that gives the browser a visibly cleaner and smarter appearance.

iOS 7 Safari for iPhone

The address bar and the search box have been combined into one as a ‘smart search field’, much like the OmniBox in Chrome. Tapping this also gives users access to their favourites and previous search URLs.

The Tab View page has been overhauled to display open pages in a vertical column of large thumbnails and you can now swipe to close tabs. The navigation buttons at the bottom have also been revamped in keeping with the operating system’s minimalist look and feel.

Apple also finally raised the curtain on its much-hyped music streaming service, iTunes Radio. Similar to the likes of Pandora, and Spotify, this lets you enjoy music from the biggest labels for free, but will feature ads, which you can remove by subscribing to iTunes Match.

iOS 7 iTunes Radio for iPhone

Currently the service has only been announced for the US but we certainly expect it to roll out in the UK and Europe once iOS 7 lands this autumn.

uSwitch mobiles expert Ernest Doku said: “With iOS 7, Apple has unveiled an all-new software experience that looks every bit as sleek and stylish as the iPhone itself.

“Features such as iTunes Radio show that Apple is continuing to deliver fantastic features and attempting to both innovate and iterate in a highly competitive space.

“If this is what Apple can do to breathe new life into the software side, it makes the advent of an inevitable iPhone sequel all the more exciting.”

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By Dew Alam