Despite supply line issues that forced HTC to delay the release of the HTC One in some markets, the Taiwanese company has sold more than 5 million units of its 2013 flagship smartphone. In a story about the previously-covered exodus of executives at HTC, the Wall Street Journal has a tidbit that says HTC sold “around 5 million One smartphones” in a little over a month. HTC has not publicly disclosed sales figures, but an unnamed executive supplied the number and said:

“Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it’s doing really well or not.”

After facing some early production delays, HTC has managed to double production of the HTC One. The increased output is crucial as HTC has struggled to rebound from sliding profits and public perception that it has lost its place in the smartphone market. While 5 million in sales is not as large as the 10 million announced by Samsung, it still reflects a stronger than expected position and shows that the HTC One might be the device that finally delivers a much-needed hit for HTC.

source: Wall Street Journal, via: Android Authority

By Andrew Kameka