Yes, the HTC One will follow the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and become available in a Nexus User Experience special edition that delivers the flagship smartphone with stock Android. Google’s head of Android and HTC both confirmed that the device will go on sale in Google Play beginning June 26.

Following Google’s announcement at I/O 2013 that it would release a Galaxy S 4 “Nexus User Experience” that replaced Samsung’s software with the standard version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, speculation that HTC would follow suit quickly exploded. HTC today confirmed the special edition HTC One will be available in the U.S. beginning June 26 for $599. The phone will be LTE and HSPA compatible and will have an unlockable bootloader.

Future updates for the HTC One Nexus version will be handled directly by Google. The device will strip out HTC’s software customizations like Blinkfeed and Sense UI, but it will retain Beats Audio. It is not clear if HTC’s dedicated software for enhancing hardware features like the camera will be included.

source: HTC

By Andrew Kameka