HTC may follow Samsung’s lead and miniaturize its 2013 flagship Android phone. After a series of rumors suggested that HTC would release a smaller version of the HTC One, photos of an HTC One Mini have popped up online. Estonian website Forte has posted several pictures of what it claims to be the HTC One Mini, previously seen in computer generated press photos as the “M4.” Though it’s unclear what HTC will call the smaller One phone, there definitely appears to be a downsizing in the works.

There’s not much “mini” about the smaller One because it’s only dropping 0.4-inches from the display, but it does get the phone down to a more manageable size than the original HTC One. It’s also rumored to maintain the same things that make an HTC One such an attractive device: an all-aluminum body, 16GB of internal memory, an Ultrapixel camera (4 megapixels), and Beats Audio and front-facing speakers. The key different is that the 4.3-inch 720p display downsizes the original HTC One. Expect to see confirmation of the device later this summer.

source: Forte, via: Engadget

By Andrew Kameka