The best things about the HTC One will be present in the stock Android edition of the phone, it has been confirmed.

In what sounds like a pretty informal interview with The Verge at All Things D’s D11 conference, Google’s Hugo Barr revealed that while the stripped down Nexus-branded version of the One is losing HTC’s Sense custom skin the HTC UltraPixel camera module remains.

HTC One official black edition

Along with HTC One’s build quality, this was perhaps the feature of the flagship phone that was most praised by tech sages.

However, rather than use HTC’s proprietary camera app, the UltraPixel snapper will be tailored to work with the stock Android camera application.

Barra also revealed that Beats audio, another HTC USP, will be present in the handset informally dubbed the HTC One Google Nexus edition.

That means that we’re looking at the Nexus phone that’s head and shoulders above previous efforts when it comes to camera smarts and media capabilities.

What we don’t yet know is when this wonderkit will make it to market or how it’ll be priced. But if the stock Android take on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is anything to go by, you can expect it to be sold exclusively through the Google Nexus store as a SIM free handset.


The Verge

By Jonathan Leggett