Even though the HTC One has yet to prove it can carry HTC through a difficult time, the Android 4.1 phone is highly rated because it is a great device. Now it’s become even better thanks to an Android 4.2 upgrade. The HTC One is now making the jump to a newer form of Jelly Bean for devices in the United Kingdom. An Android 4.2 HTC One update, rolling out now to unlocked UK devices, adds several new features and tweaks meant to address concerns that users previously had about the device. Among the new Android 4.2 upgrades are:

- The three-dot “Menu” button has been removed and users can now access menu functions in the Action bar or by holding the Home button. Users can then swipe up from the home key to access Google Now.

- The notification panel now has quick toggles accessible to turn on/off settings like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It also displays the phone’s battery level.

- Camera has been updated to improve exposure and focus on screen. The One also stores Zoe as a different format so all the images are not individually stored on the device.

- Video Highlights have 6 new themes.

- Music now has seek, fast forward, and rewind features built-in.

- Screenshots now appear in the notification window immediately after taken, including the action to share the image to other apps or online.

source: Gizmodo UK

By Andrew Kameka