The Google Nexus 7 might not be quite the bargain tablet it seems on paper, a slew of complaints about the device suggest.

An Android and Me investigation has exposed what appear to be a host of problems with the tablet, with many early adopters reporting lag and a general lack of responsiveness to touch inputs.

Nexus 7 Google official

Glitches mentioned in the report, which has sparked a host of comments from Nexus 7 owners in the same situation, include “touches refusing to acknowledged”, as well as “stuttering notification panel actions” and “unresponsive apps”.

It’s thought that the issue may be related to the solid state memory that the Nexus 7 uses and the failure of the slate’s software to carry out vital maintenance.

Although SSD memory will have allowed Google to keep the tablet’s asking price down, it also becomes compromised and degraded much faster than more costly hard drives and flash memory.

The entry-level Nexus 7 sells in the UK for £159 and is less than a year old. Its low price compared with Apple’s iPad was a major factor in its success.


Android And Me

By Jonathan Leggett