Google Glass is already one of 2013’s biggest tech phenomena. But now the Big G is looking to top its smartspecs with an Apple-baiting tech timepiece, a just-uncovered patent reveals.

The idea of a Google smart watch hooking up with Google Glass is certainly not far-fetched. Android phones look set to hook-up with the search giant’s spectacles, so it’s not too much of a leap to imagine the two next-gen pieces of kit playing nice too.

google smartwatch patent

This new patent details how a Google smartwatch would have two touch pads either side of a central timepiece, reminding us that smartwatches will tell the time as well as turning us into Star Trek cast members.

The design is under consideration because space is at a premium and Google believes a simple touch interface on a screen might become too cramped and cluttered.

Either way, we can now add Google to the growing list of smart watch wannabes. Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all said to be readying their own efforts, aiming to colonise your wrists from late 2013 onwards.


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By Joe Minihane