Google Glass, the search giant’s much sought after smart specs, are still some way from hitting the shelves. But that hasn’t stopped the Big G from showing off a new version of its futuristic frames, this time with prescription lenses.

Staffers were spied wearing the new version of the virtual viewing tool at last week’s Google I/O event. For now, Google appears only to have one kind of frame design, although you can bet some whizz will set about grafting Google Glass onto nattier specs once they’re released officially later this year.

What’s more Google Glass can’t actually be removed from these new prescription glasses themselves, meaning they won’t be interchangeable with your regular, day-to-day viewing aids.

The new model comes despite Google I/O seeing nary a mention of Glass. While it’s clearly Google’s most exciting new mobile product, it seems that Mountain View is happy to take a back seat and watch fanboys and tech watchers work themselves into a frenzy about what else we can expect from 2013’s most-anticipated gadget.



By Joe Minihane