HTC One with Sense UI
HTC One with Sense UI

Google confirmed the HTC One Nexus User Experience edition yesterday, promising a $599 solution for HTC One fans that prefer to have stock Android software. Previous HTC One buyers might be able to get the same experience without buying a new phone.

HTC is considering releasing an update to the HTC One that would allow current owners to decide if they would like to switch to a Nexus experience version of the device. The One currently operates on Sense UI, but it might be possible for the company to give users the option of loading stock software. HTC did not report any specifics, but it could release an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) ROM that loads software identical to the one found in the upcoming HTC One Nexus model. The Verge quotes an HTC rep as saying that the company is currently “examining the best way to support early adopters of the One.”

There may be a few hurdles to delivering an update. The vast majority of current HTC One devices were purchased through a carrier and have carrier-targeted software, network optimizations, and agreements that could potentially get in the way of HTC changing the software. Nothing is promised, but there’s a chance that HTC may find a way to work around these issues and let any HTC One in the U.S. embrace the Nexus experience.

source: The Verge

By Andrew Kameka