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CameraAce App Review
Top of the list in Samsung’s “S-Suggest”, CameraAce brings batch-photo processing to your smartphone! Unlike many other filtered-camera applications, CameraAce allows you to pre-select themes and filters for your photographs and organise them into easily accessible manner. With a plethora of filter-effect camera apps on the market, CameraAce brings some new tools to the workbench

Pre Organisation of Photographs
We found that using preset themes in CameraAce are a great way to organise photographs: you take the photo and your pre-selected filters and frames are automatically applied. As well as some default themes for things like “Food”, “Family” and “Landscapes”, you can add your own customised themes which will be automatically applied to the photographs. This process of pre-selecting a theme makes organising and editing your photographs much quicker – but if you want to tinker with your photographs later on then then there’s no problem: you are able to go into much more detail later and save multiple versions of the photograph. You are also able to edit pictures you have already taken with other apps or devices, which is pretty handy, too!
Organising and batch-processing your images is made really easy in CameraAce’s “Organizer” – Simply long press to select multiple images and you will be able to add the same effects to multiple images at once! Pretty nifty!

Filters, Frames, Effects Collages and Slideshows
CameraAce has every single filter and frame you could possibly want, including not one, not two, but THREE different HDR modes which are really effective!
You are able to make a collage with up to six photographs, choosing from a total of 20 different types of frame.
One of our favourite features was the slideshow playback which you can start up by simply tapping on one of your collections. You can choose a variety of different music and it presents your photographs in a really nice way!

S-Pen and Captions Functionality
Adding messages and captions to your images is a nice way to really personalise your images. You are able to do this with the “Caption” functionality, or by drawing with your finger or with the Galaxy Note series’ S-Pen.
The S-Pen is one of the coolest features of the Galaxy Note series, and it’s great to see Samsung’s S-Pen SDK used being embraced by App developers. The added pressure sensitivity in the S-Pen gives a really authentic look.

We really enjoyed experimenting with CameraAce – there are so many different ways to express and share your content and it’s become a firm favourite. The UI is unique, informative and intuitive and for a free App, you’d be hard pushed to find better functionality in a creative outlet.

If you’d like to give CameraAce a shot (!), then check out their official webpage or download it now

By Dom A