HTC One Glamour Red pictures and hands-on

How do you make the hottest phone hotter? You paint it red, that's how. Today we got our hands on the HTC One in 'Glamour Red', one of several special coloured editions that we told you would be coming. In the UK, the red HTC One ...

App of the day: Flight Finder review (iPhone)

Until someone invents teleportation, or Elon Musk works out how to build those fancy pneumatic tubes he's decided will be the future of global travel, we're stuck using planes. Although it's not really aircraft that are the problem, it's airports. These are places that are as ...

Lumia 520 Review – The most affordable Nokia Windows Phone

Windows Phone Central's review of the the Lumia 520, the cheapest Nokia Windows Phone yet The Lumia 520 is a well-priced Windows Phone for an entry-level model. The option itself provides consumers an affordable Windows Phone that doesn’t have a negative impact on the user experience. ...
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