The HTC First isn’t the most powerful device around, but it is a surprisingly good phone capable of meeting moderate expectations. The first Android smartphone to run Facebook Home layer of apps is now only $0.99 on AT&T, a surprising price drop so soon after release.

AT&T originally charged $99 for the HTC First, so why chop off $98 less than a month after the device’s release? The two most plausible reasons are that AT&T is in the mood to offer a big temporary online sale to drum up some new customers who don’t want to pay money for a new phone, or the First’s early sales are less than expected.

In my review of the HTC First, I found the device to be an unexpected treat thanks to a wonderful 720p screen, flexible software, and LTE connectivity. Even with its terrible camera and a few gripes about the software, the First seemed compelling for the budget conscious looking to spend less than $100. Now it’s even more attractive at only 99 cents when purchased on a two-year agreement. The only question is if even this price cut will be enough to increase the First’s popularity.

source: AT&T

By Andrew Kameka