Apple has started to offer a cheaper screen replacement service for its iPhone 5, as it looks to undercut third parties who currently repair smashed handsets at impressively low rates.

The in-store service is said to have started rolling out in the US, with iPhone 5 owners who’ve dinged their beloved blower able to get a new panel for $149.

Best of all, punters don’t need to have Cupertino’s AppleCare software to get the deal.

The news hasn’t been officially confirmed. But posts on forums on the Quick iFix site, a company which also replaces busted iPhone displays, suggest Apple is already offering the deal in its US stores.

While Quick iFix used to repair iPhones for $174.99, it’s now been forced to slash its price to $139.99 to compete.

By way of comparison, Apple used to charge a whacking $229 to non-AppleCare customers.

There’s no word on whether Apple is planning to offer a similar deal here in Blighty.

But with its love of controlling every aspect of its devices, don’t be surprised to see a similar offer in your local Apple outlet.


Quick iFix

By Joe Minihane