LG Optimus G Pro Review

LG still has something to prove. Korean rival Samsung has surpassed it, but LG isn’t taking the loss lightly. With the Optimus G, it targeted the Galaxy S3 and with the Optimus G Pro, it’s taking on Samsung’s other darling: the giant Galaxy Note 2. ...

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases

If you’ve taken the plunge and splashed out on a new Galaxy S3 phone then you’re going to want to invest in a decent case. Galaxy S3 cases come in all shapes and sizes. You can get top notch protection to guard against knocks and ...

Samsung Galaxy S4: Everything you need to know

Samsung went all out on it’s event to announce the Galaxy S4 handset, showing off all its new features in ways that only Samsung could. Meaning it was kind of quirky and weird yet business-like at the same time. Basically, it was your typical press ...
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